Monday, July 6, 2015

I am. You are. We are.

We're going on a trip.

I want you (the reader) to use a lot of imagination. A lot of it. And time, take your time.

If you're reading this, you do not need any special ability besides being open to suggestion.

This can not be done with reading alone (for example like how you would read the newspaper or a random blog item), nor with quickly skipping over lines of text.

Do not instantly assume that this will be easy to do.

Ready ?

Here we go...

Imagine not knowing Earth, humans, animals, plants, everything you're used to. Not even time is a limit.

You are eyes and ears, floating in space.

Stars are everywhere. Millions of tiny white dots on a black background.

You float towards this blue planet with white fuzzy streaks.

Stay at a distance, watch from a distance.

Look at all the creatures that walk this planet.

Now look at those that walk on 2 legs and build structures all over the place.

Since you're eyes and ears only, you're able to extract and review their beliefs, convictions and ordeals. Your eyes see everything and are not bound by physical matter.

You can see what these 2 legged creatures are made of.

You see bones, muscles and flesh. A brain, all the organs, the nervous system and if needed every individual cell.

Now look to your left, I'm there with you.

And I want to tell you something.

"Those 2 legged creatures you were looking at. They think they are these bodies made of bones, muscles and flesh."

"They have forgotten they are Souls."

"Souls have tremendous capacity for all emotions/feelings, Souls are the emotional energy those bodies down there call "Love"."

"The kind of Love that pushes a child away from a speeding car with the result of yourself getting hurt or worse, without thinking about it."

"Forgetting what they are gives them an opportunity for growing individually and collectively."

"When their bodies end, they remember this knowledge."

"It also gives them choice. Choice to choose how to act and behave on their planet with each other without having the larger picture of what they are."

"I want to ask something from you that might be even more difficult. Look at the countless wars,  terrible diseases and misery, everything they have done in the past and in the now."

"Widespread corruption within all layers of society, animal rights, destruction of nature, waste, resource depletion, transperancy from governments, jail systems, the list is endless."

"Consider and try to understand some of the reasons for these unfortunate events, things like greed, belief and fear."

If you're feeling any emotion at this point...

You are a Soul.

I did not say you are eyes, ears and emotions.

You can't deny what you are.

You are not just a body.

You are Soul.

We all are.

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