Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's hard for me to See.

I have no problem with my eyes.
There's nothing wrong with my vision.

It's hard for me to See, how much nonsense is being accepted.
As if it's normal, people are dying of hunger. My supermarket is filled with food.

Disease, we have cures for, are ravaging people their lives, on a daily basis.
It's hard for me to See.

Walking around on the piece of Earth I currently live, I see many people displeased.
Unhappy faces, angry remarks, depressed postures, it's hard for me to See.

Buildings that are in heavy contrast with the nature that surrounds it or completely lack any form of nature.
The structures we live and work in no longer represent our heritage, nature, oxygen, freedom.
Is it that hard to See ?

Invading another country, because you want to see peace there, by means of throwing bombs and sending soldiers...Sure, you will rebuild after the destruction...Will you also reproduce all the people that have died ? Relieve the ones that are behind with the pain of loss ?
It's hard for me to See, how people think they can make Peace with War.

So many people have a religion, so few know about it, where it's from, how it originated.
What is the history of your religion ?
Has it always been on the right path ? Is it now ?
Does it provide you with the answers you need ?
Which religion explains in detail where you end up when this fleshy body dies ?

It's hard for me to See, how many do not See, they are not blind, they have not lost their vision.

They're merely walking around with sleepy eyes.

I can hear the alarm-clock, it's been ringing a while, time to wipe that sleep from your eyes.

It's time to See.

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