Monday, April 9, 2012

Human Society 360° Inverted.

Constructing buildings that do not last 1 lifetime.

How idiotic can that be ? "Sure, I'll build you a home, where you can sleep, eat, be and do.
It will break on you while you live in it though, but don't worry we/you have insurance."
"Oh, ok. I see everything is covered....start the build!"

How come we do not live in houses and work in buildings that are lasting, do not need massive maintenance, and break down before our eyes ?
We didn't always have the technology! We have now.
But it costs so much $$$.....yea, you're right. Ok, let's stick with shitty buildings that kill our future aka kids.

Building in areas which are hazardous for survival.

Tornado Ally ? Living on a shifting crust ? Why not try an iceberg ?
Coastal areas, tsunami's ? Volcanoes, nice, let us live next to it.
We just like the process of reincarnation so much, it's like: "Let's get in the Roller-coaster again! Did make me throw up 200 times! But who's counting ?
"Eh, you are, dear Immortal Soul." Less progress, same ride, again and again. Bet you're getting tired of the same view.

Feels like: "We do not want to live safe, at peace, along WITH everyone."
Rather: "Let's make it as dangerous as we can and see who dies last.

Willingly consuming products that damage the body.

Ask a doctor what sugar does on the inside.
Look up what the additives, coloring of food, dye, taste enhancers, does to a body. Or again, ask a doctor. Long term.
Short term these do hardly any damage. Long'll stop taking it in. Research!

Throwing bombs so that peace may arise.

This needs explanation ? From where ? The RUBBLE ? Shortened Physical Existence ?
From the pain of the ones left behind or the ones causing the pain ?

Forgetting who You really Are to create a fake you for All to See.

Be yourself. You are not someone else!

Claiming intelligence while burning down the House.

"We're the smartest species on the entire planet." - I hear my whole life.
How come we also wreck the place we're part of ?
There's no real appreciation for where we live, what this House provides.
Consequences ? Haha, we think we can oversee what we damage, damaged and how to control it.
Consequences are natural. Punishment is created by Humankind for lack of Patience.

Forcing another to play out ones personal fear(s).

I am afraid we will be attacked. Defend!
I am afraid they will attack. Attack!
Whatever the cause, the reasoning, a soldier always plays out it's country fears and throws away his physical existence or original form to either come back, try again, or live out ones life with physical pain, discomfort, mental pain with the likely extension of having to return again to ease Karma due to inflicted pain onto others.
LIVE your OWN physical LIFE.

Smiling but dying inside.

The current events of my life have brought me to a place of serious discomfort and I am very sad. Example: I need to get groceries. While doing groceries, I smile and greet everyone friendly and no one ever noticed how I felt. Yay!
Really ?

Be house-less or die 2 pay for living on your own planet.

We're all born here. We're all equal. We're all different in our ways.
All pay for housing - None pay for housing.
The only difference in that is. Who gets the money ?
Global rules do not apply in a world where countries are divided.
Why are we divided ? Because we do not like each other ?
Wow, that's like not liking yourself......Oh, that was obvious after the above.
Why do we not like ourselves ? Because we do not look at ourselves.
Why....why...because pointing at someone else, or a group, or a religion, or a country along with other pointy pointers makes it easy to not look at yourself.
Still have to pay for your living here! weird. Almost like not being welcomed to Earth.

Eating Soul encompassed creatures: reasoning : lesser (physical) intelligence.

So if the creature is physical lesser intelligent, we may eat it the way we like.
Do we eat dolphins ? Elephant ? Parrot ? Hippo, just wondered about that one.
No, once we establish a bigger brain or (chimps) somewhat more (physical) intelligence.
Shall we start eating our children with Down Syndrome ? Are they less smart ? Really ?
Every conversation about Soul is blown off the table.
Many animals on Earth are Soul encompassed, just like you who reads this.
Hungry ? They do not mind.
In a way they have surpassed that physical thing issue more than us All.
They know they are going to be fine before they die, when they die.
And they happily share their physical body for our needs. Also a view that in Human standards is not present.
Like I said, they do not mind, yet we do, when we oversee our actions and see how we spill our friends and waste so much.
Hungry ? Bon ape-tit.

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